WHS Risk Assessment Process for Plant and Equipment

WHS Risk Assessment Process for Plant and Equipment

Plant Risk Assessment Experts

Plant Risk Assessment Experts

Dependable Plant Risk Assessment Services

Dependable Plant Risk Assessment Services


Best Safety Consultants and Risk Assessor In Melbourne

Keep your workplace up to code thanks to the team at Australian Risk Services. Possessing all the skills and qualifications to deliver accurate and timely assessments of your plant our assessors can ensure that your workplace is safe, secure, and WHS/OHS compliant. For years we have worked with business owners across all industries, delivering accurate, in-depth, and personalised assessments and on-site reports to ensure that your property provides minimal risk to you and your employees.

Our safety consultants have helped Melbourne-based clients as well as clients around Australia continue to operate their businesses in a safe and regulation-compliant manner. As a registered plant and equipment inspection team we can help you maintain an efficient and streamlined working environment.

Along with our safety assessments, the experts at Australian Risk Services can examine your worksite and identify potential issues that may cause injury or damage to property. Once we have completed our assessments and inspections we will provide you with a detailed report highlighting any issues and determining what you need to do to rectify those issues. To get in touch with our dependable risk assessors to book an appointment call us today on 1300 266 172.

About Australian Risk Services

Australian Risk Services is one of the largest national plant risk assessment groups in Australia with 14 Qualified Plant Risk Assessors around the country that have extensive experience in assessing all types of mobile and fixed plant. We conduct 10, 000+ Plant Risk Assessment annually through our national team and have the most extensive intellectual property concerning plants and equipment within the country. We pride ourselves on delivering high standard assessment reports.

Who requires plant risk assessments?

We'll explain it to you!
Under the Work Health and Safety Act (and Regulations) 2011, plant is defined to cover items including:

Means of transportation, such as ships, boats, aircraft, road and rail vehicles, as well as manual-powered hand-held plants, are not covered by the regulations. The new WHS Act covers any “Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking” (PCBU) involving this equipment.

Depending on where you are based, the new regulations contain broadened definitions of persons with health and safety duties, along with an increased requirement for duty holders to consult with others.

PCBUs are required to eliminate risks so far as is “reasonably practicable.” When assessing whether or not sufficient effort was made to eliminate risk, the act takes into consideration not only to what you know, but what you should know about risks and hazards in the workplace.

Thorough, objective plant risk assessment on your own work environment can be difficult. Potential risks and hazards can be overlooked by non-professional assessors.

Benefits of assessment

Reduced incidents and injuries

Reduced chance of prosecution

More efficient business processes

This diverse experience means that we understand the hazards associated with a wide range of equipment, can think laterally and know how to provide practical guidance on how to meet regulatory requirements.

Qualified advice

The aim of the new regulations is to provide a nationally consistent framework, reducing confusion, double handling and separate process development across different jurisdictions. The transition to operating under the new regulations, however, may be difficult, requiring consultation with an industry professional.

Australian Risk Services provides a range of other services relating to the new regulations, including WHS risk assessments for confined spaces, dangerous goods, hazardous substances, manual handling, working at heights and more.