Plant Risk Assessments

Plant risk assessments allow investors to better understand the potential hazards present in the plant. Conducting such comprehensive plant risk assessment paves the way to the creation of a safer working environment.

To combat risks in the industrial environment, this detailed report aims to encourage safety training, maintain high levels of cleanliness within premises, adhere to updated safety regulations, raise awareness on workplace hazards, and highlight critical repairs and maintenance.

With the guidance provided by the risk and equipment assessments, the management can reduce potential dangers and plan how to better implement risk management.


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Plant Risk Assessment Training

Glow Technology Pty Ltd is one of the largest national plant risk assessment groups in Australia.

With 14 Qualified Plant Risk Assessors around the country our team have extensive experience in assessing all types of mobile and fixed plant. We conduct 10,000+ Plant Risk Assessment annually through our national team and have the most extensive intellectual property concerning plants and equipment within the country. We pride ourselves on delivering high standard assessment reports. 

Keep your workplace up to code thanks to the team at Glow Technology Pty Ltd. Possessing all the skills and qualifications to deliver accurate and timely assessments of your plant our assessors can ensure that your workplace is safe, secure, and WHS/OHS compliant. For years we have worked with business owners across all industries, delivering accurate, in-depth, and personalised assessments and on-site reports to ensure that your property provides minimal risk to you and your employees.

Our safety consultants have helped Melbourne-based clients as well as clients around Australia continue to operate their businesses in a safe and regulation-compliant manner. As a registered plant and equipment inspection team we can help you maintain an efficient and streamlined working environment.

Along with our safety assessments, the experts at Glow Technology Pty Ltd can examine your work site and identify potential issues that may cause injury or damage to property. Once we have completed our assessments and inspections we will provide you with a detailed report highlighting any issues and determining what you need to do to rectify those issues. To get in touch with our dependable risk assessors or to speak to a fully-qualified safety consultant Melbourne companies and businesses can call us today on 1300 018 306.

Nationally Recognised Training

Glow Technology Pty Ltd is a registered training organization. RTO ID number 45259.

Equipment Risk Assessment

Equipment Risk Assessment

Keep your employees safe from harm and your business free from litigation with an Equipment Risk Assessment by Glow Technology Pty Ltd. We deliver personalised, professional, and methodical equipment risk assessments tailored to your industry. The inspections take into account the use and condition of your equipment. Our assessments adhere to each state’s particular OH&S regulations ensuring the health and well being of both workers and machinery operators therefore improving workplace efficiency and morale.

If you use heavy machinery daily as a part of your company’s operations you need to make sure that they are in the best condition possible to reduce the risk to operators or other staff in the vicinity. Our cost-effective and thorough equipment risk assessments help companies avoid catastrophe and injury by identifying hazards and providing solutions to remove or reduce the severity of those hazards.

Equipment Risk Assessment
Plant Safety Training
Plant Safety Training

Plant Safety Training

Plant Safety Training is a vital aspect of industrial activity; in a hectic working environment it deals with areas that can often be unintentionally neglected. It’s a sad fact that too many companies and individuals learn to appreciate this after the event. Apart from the human cost, subsequent litigation can load substantial financial and time costs onto any operation. Our plant safety training activities use content created and delivered by our team of acknowledged experts. Their expertise, honed over many years involvement in safety assessment and training, provides your workforce with both the knowledge and confidence that’s vital for effective, progressive operations.

Our team appreciates each location and operation is unique, and our packages are carefully tailored to the environment, and can be delivered in-house - delivering a considerable cost saving. Our training majors on active participation by all those attending; allowing small groups to take part in relevant case studies and discussion groups. 

Plant Safety Audits

Plant Safety Audits

Thorough, objective plant safety audits on your own work environment can be difficult. Potential risks and hazards can be overlooked by non-professional assessors.

Depending on where you are based, the new regulations contain broadened definitions of persons with health and safety duties, along with an increased requirement for duty holders to consult with others. PCBUs are required to eliminate risks so far as is “reasonably practicable.” When assessing whether or not sufficient effort was made to eliminate risk, the act takes into consideration not only to what you know, but what you should know about risks and hazards in the workplace.

Plant Safety Audits
Plant Risk Training
Plant Risk Training

Plant Risk Training

Our plant risk training services cover a wide range of key areas vital to the safe and effective running of any industrial location. They also take into account the raft of requirements and regulations covering such operations, and allow those participating to assess their own operations with a clear and trained eye. Otherwise, it can be very easy to unwittingly overlook potential problems, developing hazards, maintenance needs, and other vital areas, when operating in a comfortable and seemingly safe and unchanging working environment.

Through our plant risk training opportunities, participants can develop the necessary skills by both situation assessment and involvement, and the use of practical and proven tools. Such training, created and delivered by hugely experienced industry professionals, can be brought to your location, making it immediately relevant compared to an open course often conducted in a location that’s remote to your operations.

Sophisticated Reporting Assessment Software

Our sophisticated software app allows professional plant personnel to generate comprehensive WHS Assessment reports in under 20 minutes with the peace of mind that the data is cross referencing over 50 of the most current Australian Standards and Codes of Practice.

Glow Technology Pty Ltd is a registered RTO number 45259 and has a nationally accredited Plant Risk Assessor Course BSBWHS518 Manage  WHS Hazards Associated with Maintenance and use of Plant. This two day course is available to all persons desiring to become a plant assessor professional.

Corporations can lease our Plant Risk Assessment App and have their dedication staff accredited and trained to use our technology to assess their plant and equipment. The training is a 5 day training course outside of the 2 day accredited training course.

Significant Benefits to Corporations include:

  • Experience: Staff are trained by highly experienced and competent mechanical personnel
  • Productivity Gains: By contrast to traditional methods of conducting a plant risk assessment using a tick flick checklist, the Plant Risk Assessment App by Glow Technology Pty Ltd is targeted and tailored to each piece of plant cross referenced against 60+ Australian Standards which are a part of the plant regulations and code of practice for plant.
  • Sophisticated Plant Technology App & Reporting: We will not only qualify and nationally accredit your personnel, we will back such trained personnel with our highly sophisticated plant risk assessment app which is cross referenced to over 50+ Australian Standards relating to plant and equipment and regulations. The Plant Assessment App has over 500 items of plant with over 27,000 risk controls inbuilt into it. Glow Technology Pty Ltd has historically completed 10,000 plant assessments per year throughout Australia and continuously monitors and updates the app regarding AUS Standards and Legislation.
  • Significant Savings: Corporations with large equipment fleets stand to save tens of thousands of dollars using our training and technology and managing their plant in house.
  • Plant Accreditation: Our accredited training ensures corporations meet plant regulation requirements that a competent person conducts the plant assessment on their behalf.
  • Significantly Reduce Liability Risks: Current Risk Assessment Standards are conducted by unqualified people using basic checklists that fail to comply to proper legal compliance for plant and equipment. This, coupled with the new changes of liability of Directors and Officers of companies to serious injury and manslaughter of personnel leaves corporations highly exposed. Glow Technology Pty Ltd qualified training of personnel and advanced plant risk assessment technology, significantly reduces liability of corporations and officers.

Professional Plant Assessors

Glow Technology Pty Ltd has been operating in the Australian Plant Risk Assessment Market for the past 20 years and has developed an extensive database of plant and equipment and developed technical risk controls which are cross referenced to over 50 Australian Standards Regulations and Codes of Practice. 

The Plant Risk Assessment App will allow professional plant personnel to conduct and generate legally compliant risk assessment reports. Our proprietary plant assessment app provides professional plant assessors with the availability of this technology on their phone  tablet or PC enabling them to generate a comprehensive report on site within 15 - 20 minutes incorporating imagery of the equipment. 

This agility and convenience of rapid high quality plant report writing enables professional assessors to increase their productivity and profitability in servicing clients. 

Who Requires Plant Risk Assessments?

We'll explain it to you!
Under the Work Health and Safety Act (and Regulations) 2011, plant is defined to cover items including:





A Pressure Equipment

Pressure Equipment

A Hoist


Powered mobile plant amusement strcuture

Powered Mobile Plant Amusement Structures



Explosive Powered Tools

Explosive-Powered Tools



A Temporary Access Equipment

Temporary Access Equipment

We structure a cost effective and affordable per user subscription leasing and licensing program for corporates and individuals. 

Why Choose Us



10,000+ Assessments

We complete over 10,000 risk and equipment assessments per year across diverse industries Australia wide



20+ Years Experience

Our team have accumulated over 20+ years of specialist industry experience in Plant & Equipment  Risk Assessment and Training



1000+ System Based Audits

We have designed and built compliant safety and environment risk systems



50,000+ Training Courses

Various WHS Safety Training Courses delivered to date.

Our Clients





Cobsa International

Anca Motion

Philip Morris International

Scale Components



Valley Longwall International



APA Group

Bosco Civil



Isuzu Trucks


MacDonald Johnston


Transport and Logistics
Waste Management
Food Manufacturing



As National WHS Manager, I was impressed with the knowledge of Paul Camilleri, towards all facets of WHS and his assistance in proactively correcting and recommending changes for the business and in health and safety.

– Baida

Kyvally Dairy

Paul and his team have always presented themselves in a professional manner and consulted widely when conducting risk assessments and developing our management systems. I highly commend the work Glow Technology Pty Ltd have completed.

– Kyvally Dairy


Glow Technology Pty Ltd has had a ten year working relationship with Cleanaway. Having completed Risk Assessments on Waste Collection and Landfill, as well as on our Material Recovery Facility. Glow Technology Pty Ltd has also undertaken training for our drivers and operators in Fatigue Management & Manual Handling. I have found Mr. Camilleri to be extremely dedicated to his work, very punctual and knowledgeable in the tasks he has been employed to complete on behalf of Cleanaway.

– Cleanaway

St John of God Health Care

Paul Camilleri from Glow Technology Pty Ltd team was engaged to conduct a comprehensive external Safety Compliance Audit for St John of God Health Care (SJGHC). The Glow Technology Pty Ltd team carried out a National Audit Tool (NAT) desktop audit and verification onsite walks across the GroupSafety Management System and 17 SJGHC major sites located in NSW, Victoria and WA. SJGHC found Paul and his team very professional in their auditing approach, dealing with a wide cross-section of clinical and non-clinical staff, in metro, regional and rural settings.

– St John of God Health Care

BMD Construction

BMD Constructions partakes in many of Australia’s largest Road, Rail, Port and Land Development works for both Private & Government entities. BMD Constructions (Australia’s largest privately owned Civil Construction Company) in review of its needs in OH&S Surveillance, Auditing and Inspection, sought Paul Camilleri and his team to review of some of our most significant challenges. I have found Glow Technology Pty Ltd to be extremely passionate and dedicated to their task at hand, very knowledgeable, and on the whole, open and frank in identifying both strengths and weaknesses. For this specific reason I would not hesitate recommending Glow Technology Pty Ltd.

– BMD Construction


We would like to acknowledge the excellent support and service provided by Glow Technology Pty Ltd in the provision of independent Plant Hazard Assessments and Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for 88 items of plant (textile processing machinery) surplus to CSIRO’s needs that were sold recently by public tender. The team at Glow Technology Pty Ltd physically assessed each piece of plant for hazards and conducted research to develop a SOP for each piece.


James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) is reviewing its Workplace Health and Safety management procedures with a view of becoming a sector leader in establishing good WH&S practices. JCU decided to engage Glow Technology Pty Ltd to conduct Safety Compliance Audits, due to their extensive project management experience in numerous industries and in depth knowledge of safety standards and legislation. The audits included both Townsville and Cairns campuses which have over 400 hundred buildings between them. Paul presented his findings to the board of the University and provided recommendations and corrective action plans. The University has found Paul to be very professional in his auditing approach in dealing with a wide cross section of senior and junior staff.

– James Cook University


Paul Camilleri from Australian Risk Services has been consulting to Chep Asia Pacific Container/Crate Division for the past 10 years. During this time he has conducted numerous Safety and Environmental Compliance audits on our operations which have been to the standard of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and AS 4801 Safety Management Systems. He has conducted environmental waste stream assessments and developed CHEP’s Environmental Aspects and Impacts risk register. Paul and the team at Glow Technology Pty Ltd have always presented themselves in a professional manner, and consulted widely when conducting risk assessments and developing management systems.


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