All designers, manufactures or suppliers and users of plant are required to conduct plant risk assessments annually.

Industry Standard requires mobile machines to be assessed every 12 months, however plant located in factories such as lathes only require assessment every three years, as a general rule. The main reason for this is that mobile equipment is subject to higher usage and damage.

Yes you can exchange your assessment credits from basic to complex and vice-versa. Each complex assessment is worth 2 basic.

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Completing our National Accredited BSBWHS518 – Manage WHS hazards associated with maintenance and use of plant 2 Day Course and our training in the use of the PRA App would meet the requirements under the Plant Regulations of being deemed a Competent Plant Assessor.

We have been industry leaders for over 25 years in plant safety and conduct up to 15,0000 Technical Plant Risk Assessments annually including Major National Auction Houses. PRA is a subsidiary of Australasia Risk Services Pty Ltd, Leaders in Safety and Risk Management.