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10,000+ Assessments

We complete over 10,000 risk and equipment assessments per year across diverse industries Australia wide



20+ Years Experience

Our team have accumulated over 20+ years of specialist industry experience in Plant & Equipment  Risk Assessment and Training



1000+ System Based Audits

We have designed and built compliant safety and environment risk systems



50,000+ Training Courses

Various WHS Safety Training Courses delivered to date.

About Plant Risk Assessment

Glow Technology Pty Ltd has over 20 years experience providing strategic Commercial risk management and safety auditing services to a diverse range of industries.

Experience Across Industries

At Glow Technology Pty Ltd we are dedicated to ensuring safe working environments across the country. Through rigorous plant hazard risk assessments we ensure that all safety risks are accounted for, and go on to establish vigorous and efficient business processes. Our experience encompasses a wide range of clients across a variety of industries, giving us the skills to incorporate lateral thinking into the design of practical solutions that suit your business needs. Click here to view a list of our past clients.

Taking the time to address any issues our thorough workplace safety consultants methodically go over all areas and environments on site to determine what improvements need to be made. Our keen understanding of the new legislation involving Work Health and Safety means that a Plant Hazard Risk Assessment conducted by us not only protects your employees, but also protects you from a legal standpoint. Click here to find out how Glow Technology Pty Ltd can help.

Service Standards

Each plant risk assessment conducted by Glow Technology Pty Ltd is according to Australian and International standards. Our team of experts has a keen understanding of the Work and Safety Act 2011 and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 and can help you understand these new legislations so that you can better protect yourself and your employees. For more information on our services, or to speak to one of our experienced professionals, contact us today.

Our Process

Through our vast experience we have developed several strategies that ensure efficient plant hazard risk assessment. Our approach involves a sequence of surveys, interviews with key personnel and documentation reviews. We are strong believers in collaboration and will endeavour to transfer skills and know-how when working with your company. Further, we offer plant risk assessment training as a service so as to ensure sustainable WHS risk assessment for your company.

For more information regarding our entire portfolio of safety, environmental and hazard management projects, visit our main website here or get in touch with us at 1300 018 306.

Main Australian Cities

Ensure that your environment adheres to industry standards and regulations thanks to the accredited and fully-qualified team at Glow Technology Pty Ltd. Our skilled workplace health and safety consultants provide clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney with reliable and personalised assessments.

To book in for an assessment by our occupational safety consultants risk services Australia-wide can call us on 1300 018 306.

Australian Risk Services Industry Experience

Our Clients





Cobsa International

Anca Motion

Philip Morris International

Scale Components



Valley Long International

Tridonic Atco


APA Group

Bosco Civil



Isuzu Trucks


MacDonald Johnston


Transport and Logistics
Waste Management
Food Manufacturing



As National WHS Manager, I was impressed with the knowledge of Paul Camilleri, towards all facets of WHS and his assistance in proactively correcting and recommending changes for the business and in health and safety.

– Baida

Kyvally Dairy

Paul and his team have always presented themselves in a professional manner and consulted widely when conducting risk assessments and developing our management systems. I highly commend the work Glow Technology Pty Ltd have completed.

– Kyvally Dairy


Glow Technology Pty Ltd has had a ten year working relationship with Cleanaway. Having completed Risk Assessments on Waste Collection and Landfill, as well as on our Material Recovery Facility. Glow Technology Pty Ltd has also undertaken training for our drivers and operators in Fatigue Management & Manual Handling. I have found Mr. Camilleri to be extremely dedicated to his work, very punctual and knowledgeable in the tasks he has been employed to complete on behalf of Cleanaway.

– Cleanaway

St John of God Health Care

Paul Camilleri from Glow Technology Pty Ltd team was engaged to conduct a comprehensive external Safety Compliance Audit for St John of God Health Care (SJGHC). The Glow Technology Pty Ltd team carried out a National Audit Tool (NAT) desktop audit and verification onsite walks across the GroupSafety Management System and 17 SJGHC major sites located in NSW, Victoria and WA. SJGHC found Paul and his team very professional in their auditing approach, dealing with a wide cross-section of clinical and non-clinical staff, in metro, regional and rural settings.

– St John of God Health Care

BMD Construction

BMD Constructions partakes in many of Australia’s largest Road, Rail, Port and Land Development works for both Private & Government entities. BMD Constructions (Australia’s largest privately owned Civil Construction Company) in review of its needs in OH&S Surveillance, Auditing and Inspection, sought Paul Camilleri and his team to review of some of our most significant challenges. I have found Glow Technology Pty Ltd to be extremely passionate and dedicated to their task at hand, very knowledgeable, and on the whole, open and frank in identifying both strengths and weaknesses. For this specific reason I would not hesitate recommending Glow Technology Pty Ltd.

– BMD Construction


We would like to acknowledge the excellent support and service provided by Glow Technology Pty Ltd in the provision of independent Plant Hazard Assessments and Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) for 88 items of plant (textile processing machinery) surplus to CSIRO’s needs that were sold recently by public tender. The team at Glow Technology Pty Ltd physically assessed each piece of plant for hazards and conducted research to develop a SOP for each piece.


James Cook University

James Cook University (JCU) is reviewing its Workplace Health and Safety management procedures with a view of becoming a sector leader in establishing good WH&S practices. JCU decided to engage Glow Technology Pty Ltd to conduct Safety Compliance Audits, due to their extensive project management experience in numerous industries and in depth knowledge of safety standards and legislation. The audits included both Townsville and Cairns campuses which have over 400 hundred buildings between them. Paul presented his findings to the board of the University and provided recommendations and corrective action plans. The University has found Paul to be very professional in his auditing approach in dealing with a wide cross section of senior and junior staff.

– James Cook University


Paul Camilleri from Australian Risk Services has been consulting to Chep Asia Pacific Container/Crate Division for the past 10 years. During this time he has conducted numerous Safety and Environmental Compliance audits on our operations which have been to the standard of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and AS 4801 Safety Management Systems. He has conducted environmental waste stream assessments and developed CHEP’s Environmental Aspects and Impacts risk register. Paul and the team at Glow Technology Pty Ltd have always presented themselves in a professional manner, and consulted widely when conducting risk assessments and developing management systems.


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