Plant Safety Training

Plant Safety Training, BSBWHS518 Manage WHS Hazards associated with maintenance and use of Plant is a vital aspect of effective and well-delivered operations across a wide range of industries. While everyone would accept this as a given, in practice it can be an area that is not always allocated the amount or level of attention it deserves. Too often, the result is an accident or incident which shines the spotlight on such activities - and may often lead to serious injury or worse, much time being lost, and even to what can be hugely expensive and damaging litigation. Plant safety training, from our Plant Risk Assessment team, can give this area the prominence it deserves amongst all your key operational activities.

Plant Safety Assessment

For selected members of your team to be able to undertake such tasks, then they need to undergo practical and proven plant safety assessment training. Here are some keys towards ensuring this training is as effective as it can be:

  • In-house location - this is much more practical, relevant and cost effective, when compared to sending key team members to other locations. Apart from the accommodation or travel expenses, such a general course is always going to be less relevant than one tuned to your specific needs. Our courses can also be timed to fit your calendar requirements, rather than being held on set-in-stone dates.
  • Practically-based - of course, there is theory to be learned, and regulations to be understood. However, a course using key methods of active participation, such as highly relevant case studies, in-depth and involved discussions, and practical application of key areas - all undertaken in both small and complete groups, turn a dry course into a living and active use of the key content which is covered. This helps delegates to develop a consistent consideration of vital safety matters and in the maintenance of all relevant safety standards and requirements. 
  • Experienced course leaders - our materials are crafted and delivered by professionals with an unmatched experience in industry. Their depth of both technical knowledge and hard won practical experience produces a winning combination for your delegates - and company - gaining you world class safety training expertise and input.   

Safety Training Experts

An unequalled range of specialists.

To provide some context for the type and level of training we deliver, events conducted by our expert team covers a wealth of areas and needs. These include incident investigation, manual handling, Hazard Identification and fire warden, plus many others. We have also undertaken isolation training for those involved in coal and oil production, plus dealing with dangerous goods, and for effective use of confined spaces. Training has been provided for Brambles, Daimler Chrysler, Parmalat, Unilever, Cleanaway, Chep, and many others

But these are simply examples. We appreciate that every industry and location offers unique circumstances - another reason why it makes good sense for our experts to bring the training right to your door. The starting point is an obligation-free conversation where we always fully understand your needs before making any suggestions. If such a conversation would be helpful in assessing the safety training needs for your organisation, please contact us now either here or by calling 1300 018 306.

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