Plant Risk Assessment Training

Plant risk assessment training is one of the key activities which helps to ensure that your operating locations are safe and working in as effective a manner as possible. As well as being of key importance in ensuring the well-being of those working on, or visiting, any site, it also helps companies to avoid the possibility of time consuming and often hugely expensive after-the-event litigation. 

The benefits gained from Plant Risk Assessment training can include a greater understanding of the methodology and context of risk, and the delivery of key improvements in major safety performance areas. These can be matched with a streamlining of operational procedures and truly efficient use of cutting-edge machinery. Those attending can appreciate both regulatory needs and compliance requirements.  

Plant Risk Training

Our plant risk training events are conducted by hugely experienced and lauded industry professionals. Maximum use is made of the depth of practical knowledge they have accumulated, across all states and territories, and covering many years. Such plant risk training courses can cover a wide range of key areas, including:

  • Clear identification and assessment of potential plant Hazards
  • Actions necessary during purchasing or decommissioning processes
  • Processes covering plant registration, licensing and notification actions
  • Knowledge of the needs of relevant legal frameworks and duty of care activities
  • Methods of building and maintaining operator competency levels
  • Being able to undertake detailed risk ranking and scoring actions 
  • Scheduling and completion of plant and equipment maintenance activities
Man with a device in hole

Plant Risk Training Course Methodology

Our courses can be delivered on-the-spot. This makes them immediately instantly relevant for your operations and considerably more cost effective and less time consuming when compared to more impersonal and remote events. Participants are taken through a range of vital areas, under key headings such as verification, reviewing and monitoring. Our courses focus on the practical. A range of pertinent case studies and relevant exercises are undertaken and fully discussed, to build both delegates’ knowledge base and key skills.  

Benefit from our Widespread Knowledge Base

For more than two decades, our dedicated team have been involved in building their  assessment and training skills for plant and equipment, including scaffold, hoist, lifts, cranes, temporary access and pressure equipment, and much more. We have worked with clients in many key government areas, and industries including construction, mining, waste management, logistics, air travel, beverage, meat and other food production plus others. 

Discuss your specific needs with our Team

We appreciate that each location, operation, and set of circumstances are unique. This is why we are eager to undertake an obligation-free discussion with you regarding your plant risk training needs. We will seek to understand your environment and situation before making any suggestions regarding your training requirements. To begin this important conversation, please contact our experienced Plant Risk Assessment team here or call 1300 018 306 now.


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