Effective Plant Risk Assessments in Perth and throughout Western Australia are a vital part of any efforts to prevent often-serious injuries to people and costly damage to plant. To help ensure the safe operation of their sites, a huge number of companies and organisations, of all sizes and covering many disciplines, have turned to our Glow Technology Pty Ltd team. For over two decades now, they have trusted our proven, and cost-effective, plant risk assessment services to deliver the results they need.

If you have identified clear  Plant Risk Assessment needs you will wish to be certain that you are in complete compliance with any relevant industry regulations. This is one clear way to avoid those incidents, perhaps placing people in danger, which can also lead to ongoing and frustrating litigation, and, on occasions, to substantial fines being levied.

Whether your plant and equipment includes lifts or cranes, hoists or scaffolds,  turbines or explosive-powered tools, pressure equipment or temporary access equipment - and much else - our team can deliver the Plant Risk Assessment services you require here in Perth.

Over the years, our clients have recognised the huge list of benefits they gain. Prime amongst these are:

  • Improvements in their safety performance - and the importance of this for many potential investors
  • Streamlining of key operating processes
  • Increases in on-site knowledge regarding current regulation and compliance requirements
  • Driving effective use of up-to-date, cutting-edge, machinery
  • Provision of improved employee training
  • Deepening of managerial knowledge and understanding

Across so many industry sectors, in Perth and right across Australia, our highly-skilled and industry savvy Australian Risk Management team, are in demand to provide Plant Risk Assessments for construction and mining locations, meat production and other food and beverage operations. We also work with air travel operators and logistics companies; plus waste management and governments. To find out much more about our past work, and indeed how we operate, please click here

Knowing that we are keen to work with you in this vital Plant Risk Assessment area in Perth, please give us a call on 1300 018 306. We will - obligation-free on your part - carefully discuss your specific needs; and talk you through how we can effectively work together.

Plant Risk Assessment Training in Perth

Our Plant Risk Assessment Training in Perth uses all the experience and insight gained over two decades plus to cover so many key areas of this vital subject. Over a couple of intensive days, your team can understand so much more about...

  • The processes of purchasing or decommissioning plant
  • Undertaking plant registration, licencing and notification
  • An often complex legal framework and a vital duty of care
  • The actions need to Identify and assess key hazards
  • Accomplishing risk ranking and scoring
  • Building operator competence
  • Completing effective repair and maintenance

We also cover the processes involved in verification, monitoring and reviewing procedures; attendees also benefit from their involvement in both practical exercises and relevant case studies. To find out more about our important Plant Risk Assessment Training services, you can reach us on 1300 018 306 for an obligation-free conversation...

Equipment Risk Assessment in Perth

A detailed and authoritative equipment risk assessment in the Perth area operations might be high on your priority list. The good news: our mobile plant and equipment risk assessments will provide an in -depth report that covers both key issues and identified risks. To access this Equipment Risk Assessment service in Perth takes just one phone call to our team; the number is 1300 018 306

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