It’s vital to prevent injuries to people and damage to plant, no matter where you are operating in or around Melbourne. To ensure safe operation of sites, so many companies and organisations, for the last two decades and more, have put their trust in the proven, personalised and cost-effective plant risk assessment services delivered by our Glow Technology Pty Ltd team.

By making this choice, you ensure that your Melbourne sites fully comply with the relevant industry regulations - avoiding dangerous incidents, substantial fines, and often-expensive litigation. Our assessments apply to key items including

  • Lifts, cranes, hoists, scaffolds and temporary access equipment
  • Turbines, explosive-powered tools, pressure equipment - and much more

Key benefits, and improvements to operating standards, and working environments, to be gained through our assessments include:

  • Improved safety performance - a key requirement for many investors
  • Streamlined operating processes
  • On-site knowledge regarding current regulation and compliance requirements
  • Effective use of up-to-date, efficient, cutting-edge machinery
  • Improved employee training and managerial knowledge and understanding

The many industry sectors who turn to our highly-skilled and exceptionally-qualified Australian Risk Management team for their Plant Risk Assessment needs - whether in Melbourne, across the State of Victoria or Australia-wide - include:

  • Construction and mining
  • Food, beverage and meat production operations
  • Air travel and logistics
  • Waste management
  • Government

This breadth of experience is put at your service. Our understanding of so many work locations, potential hazards, and types of plant used, allows us to see the full picture and provide the truly practical guidance you should always expect. For more details about both our company and the many clients we work with, click here 

It’s a simple first step to contact our team on 1300 018 306. This will provide an opportunity to discuss your specific Plant Risk Assessment needs in Melbourne; while appreciating the processes we undertake and the outcomes we deliver.

Plant Risk Assessment Training in Melbourne

Our Plant Risk Assessment Training Service is where we can provide an intensive two-day course, delivered by accepted experts. Using our expertise and accumulated knowledge, we provide those attending with the knowledge they need across a wide range of topics. Key amongst these are:

  • Purchasing or decommissioning plant
  • Understand the legal framework and a duty of care
  • Plant registration, licencing and notification
  • Identifying and assessing key plant hazards
  • Risk ranking and scoring
  • Operator competency
  • Repair and maintenance

These, and many other key topics, including process verification, monitoring and reviewing, will be explored through the use of a series of practical exercises and relevant, true-to-life case studies. To find out more about this - and many other training opportunities please call 1300 018 306 and discuss your location, timing and other requirements with one of our team providing Plant Risk Assessment Training in Melbourne....

Equipment Risk Assessment in Melbourne

Your requirements may be for a detailed and authoritative equipment risk assessment in Melbourne area operations. Our mobile plant and equipment risk assessment service will deliver a comprehensive report covering any key issues or identified risks of which you need to be aware. Again, this expertly-delivered Equipment Risk Assessment service for Melbourne can be quickly accessed simply by calling 1300 018 306

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