As a trusted deliverer of plant risk assessment services in Brisbane and across Australia, and with more than two decades of multi-industry and workplace experience, we appreciate your prime need to achieve the prevention of dangerous incidents. These can lead to injury, or worse, for both workforce and others. Apart from, most importantly, that human cost, such events can also lead to the imposition of substantial fines, and having to deal with usually-expensive litigation.

While delivering our Plant Risk Assessment activities, our Glow Technology Pty Ltd team work with you to make sure that your sites, plant and equipment, are operated safely. We help you to ensure that your Brisbane and area work will be fully compliant with all the relevant industry regulations.

Our experience covers many areas and delivers a raft of vital benefits. Areas covered include...:

  • Scaffolds and temporary access equipment
  • Hoists, lifts and cranes
  • Turbines,
  • Pressure equipment and explosive-powered tools

...and many more. Benefits delivered improve both work environments and operating standards; effective safety performance being so important to many potential investors. We also aim to streamline key operating processes, highlighting the use of cutting-edge equipment and machinery, and build the body of knowledge covering all current regulation and compliance needs. The opportunity also exists for improved employee training, greater managerial knowledge, and wider plant risk assessment understanding.

Our work has embraced so many fields, from mining and construction to air travel, logistics, to the food and beverage industries. We are also experienced in government needs and waste management requirements. To examine our body of local, state and nationwide work for yourself, please click here and visit our About Us page.

Like so many others have, we invite you to tap into our vast practical experience in this key field of operations. We understand the variety of work locations and environments, the range of potential hazards, and the outcomes which must be avoided. Take the time to speak with our operatives on 1300 018 306 without any obligation on your part of course. We take time to fully appreciate your Plant Risk Assessment needs in Brisbane, and to explain the outcomes we deliver…

Plant Risk Assessment Training in Brisbane

Through our Plant Risk Assessment Training Service, we can offer your company or organisation a highly regarded and extensive 2-day training course. Created and delivered through the use of our industry expertise and accumulated plant risk assessment knowledge, we provide your attendees with the know-how they need across an extended range of topics, such as:

Process verification - Reviewing - Monitoring

Plant purchasing - Decommissioning actions - Legal frameworks - Duty of care

Operator competence - Repair - Maintenance

Registration - Licencing - Notification - Hazard assessment - Risk scoring and ranking

We use a wide range of highly relevant and carefully constructed exercises, and a series of actual case studies. To discover more about the breadth of this two-day training provision, please call us on 1300 018 306; one of our Plant Risk Assessment Training experts in Brisbane can discuss your location, timing and other needs  - all obligation-free of course...

Equipment Risk Assessment in Brisbane

It’s possible that your specific need is for the completion of a detailed and authoritative equipment risk assessment for your Brisbane operations. This is where our mobile plant and equipment risk assessments come into their own. Our experts will deliver the comprehensive key issues and identified risks report you’ll want to see. Talk about your needs for Equipment Risk Assessment in Brisbane now by phoning us on 1300 018 306.

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