Dependable Plant Risk Assessment Services

Australian Risk Services has been operating throughout Australia for over 20 years and has a national team of highly qualified assessors and inspectors that provide services across all states and territories.

Our risk assessments services are of the highest standard in the market place and comply with all national WHS Plant Regulations and over 60 Australian Standards that relate to the operation of plant equipment and machinery.

Call us on 1300 266 172 or contact us online to find out more.

Services by Qualified Inspectors

ARS Inspectors will physically inspect your plant and determine that all equipment safety features are operating correctly and do not pose a risk to your employees. We then carry out an operation hazard assessment as per Australian Standard requirements. Once we have compiled all relevant information our National Plant Manager, who is a qualified mechanic and engineer, will review the detailed assessment before submitting it to you via email.

Assessment Services
assesment services

Convenient Online Assessment Procedure

For the online procedure, we will require you to photograph and document your machinery or plant item and email the information through to our head office. Here, our team will review your information and develop plant risk reports that meet the prescribed national regulatory standards.

We will process your request within 24 hours in a regular business week. You will be required to pay online and can request an assessment for up to 10 items. If you require more items to be assessed contact our office and arrange for your information to be collected.

Assessment Services
Assessment Services
Assessment Services