Equipment Risk Assessment

Equipment risk assessment is a vital aspect of any industrial or commercial operation. Should effective procedures or processes not be actioned then accidents can occur, injuries sustained, time lost. Another worrying outcome can be the instigation of legal prosecutions and the possibility of severe financial implications. On the other hand, a commitment to effective equipment risk assessment can lead to better employee safety and training, and increased understanding of regulatory and compliance requirements. An equipment Safety assessment might be required for a variety of equipment. This could include a range of manufacturing equipment, onsite machinery, and much more. An operation Hazard assessment can be undertaken; and the operational status of all relevant safety features be assessed. 

Equipment Safety Assessment

When choosing which company to trust with their equipment safety assessment, many areas of government, plus key industry groups such as mining or construction, logistics or waste management, food and beverage production - among a wide range of others - turn to our Plant Risk Assessment team. This is due to an unmatched level of hard won experience and collective expertise , gathered over more than two decades of dedicated risk assessment work. 

Among the many pieces of equipment and mobile plant regularly assessed are: dump trucks and skid steers, water trucks and pumps, wood chippers and tippers. In farming, of course tractors, trailers, and a wide range of attachments such as backhoes. We also assess sign trailers and compressors, cherry pickers, bulldozers and traffic lights, fuel tankers and generators. Other equipment we have conducted vital safety assessments for include excavators and borers, rollers and graders, telehandlers and forklifts - and so much more.


How We Can Help Ensure the Safety of your Equipment?

Our experienced team are ready to undertake expert and professional equipment Safety and risk assessments at any location throughout Australia. We aim to find the time that best suits your production schedules or manufacturing processes, and to deliver the comprehensive assessment you should always expect. To discuss your needs, in an obligation-free call, simply contact our Plant Risk Assessment professionals now here or by calling 1300 018 306

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