Risk Assessment in Sydney

Are you concerned about the state and condition of your current working environment? Do you want to keep your employees safe from harm and your business free from litigation? At Australian Risk Services we proudly deliver personalised, professional, and methodical workplace safety inspections and assessments based on your industry or specialisations.

Thanks to our highly-experienced and methodical work safety consultants in Sydney worksites and environments throughout the city and New South Wales can ensure the health and wellbeing of both workers and machinery operators, improving workplace efficiency and morale.

Equipment Risk Assessment

For fully-accredited and certified equipment risk assessments look no further than the experts at Australian Risk Services. Our cost-effective and thorough equipment risk assessments help Sydney businesses and companies avoid catastrophe and injury by identifying hazards and providing solutions to remove or reduce the severity of those hazards.

Work Safety Equipment

Not only able to assess and inspect workplaces the team at Australian Risk Services can supply accredited and reliable work safety equipment across Sydney to increase the overall level of safety of differing worksites in multiple industries.

Main Australian Cities

At Australian Risk Services we have the know-how and the ability to deliver our detailed and renowned solutions and services to major population and industrial centres across Australia. Our reach includes places such as:

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