Mobile Plants

What is a Mobile Plant?

Used in the construction industry, mobile plants are advanced and detailed machines that can crush large amounts of rock and similar hard elements into more usable materials. Made up of several different parts including a feeder, a crusher, and a belt, the mobile plant is designed for efficiency, being able to be transported by truck to a site promptly. To ensure that minimal risk is encountered by operators the team at Australian Risk Services can conduct reputable mobile plant risk assessments.

Why is it Important to Conduct Evaluations on Mobile Plants?

Like all other types of machinery, extreme injury and even death is a very real risk when operating a mobile plant. Due to the high pressure crushing and automated systems that power all the sections of the machine a faulty component can cause the plant to operate in a way that is beyond its programming, causing unintended and extensive injury to nearby employees and the surrounding area. With our mobile plant risk assessments the likelihood of these scenarios is greatly reduced.

Our Mobile Plant Risk Assessment Expertise

Thanks to our years of training and extensive qualifications the team at Australian Risk Services are the team you can trust to conduct your mobile plant’s risk assessment. After we have conducted our assessment we will give you a detailed report highlighting any issues or risks we have found to help you make an informed decision regarding the correct course of action. To learn more about our exceptional and focused solutions call our experts today on 1300 266 172.