Hazard Identification

We Are Experts in Hazard Identification

Work in confidence and safety thanks to the exceptional risk assessment professionals at Australian Risk Services. As fully-qualified hazard identification experts we can easily identify various types of hazards and the risk they pose to the wellbeing of both employees and the structural integrity of the site or building.

Fall Risk Assessment

Don’t risk your safety when working from heights. At Australian Risk Services our knowledgeable and highly-experienced team know all too well that a fall from a seemingly-short height can cause extensive injury or death at a moment’s notice. By hiring us to conduct a detailed and accurate fall risk assessment of your site you can gain detailed suggestions and guidance regarding safety improvement solutions to prevent injury or litigation from occurring.

Security Risk Assessment

Keep your property safe from intrusion thanks to the professionals at Australian Risk Services. Along with helping to prevent injury and damage caused by unsafe working environments our expert team can conduct detailed security risk assessments to identify any sensitive areas in need of greater protection. To help you make the best decision for your environment our experts provide detailed reports of all assessed areas, along with effective solutions to any issues identified. To take advantage of our focused and detailed services call us today on 1300 266 172.